International partnerships and projects, co-operation with leading management organizations

International co-operation has been the key activity for Inventa consultants and tutors enabling the sustained contact with the newest world trends in theory and practice of management and the transfer of top know how towards our clients. We fulfil our mission (“Enhance Leadership, Move to world class management”) as a partner of dynamic and innovative organizations on the way to the world class level of management.
Co-operation and partnership with professional organizations

  • European Management Association
  • American Management Association
  • The Conference Board Europe
  • efmd - European Foundation for Management Development (Brussels)
  • Center for Creative Leadership ( Greensboro, Brussels)
  • Linkage International (Teddington, Brussels)
  • Management Centre Europe
  • Business Leaders Forum (Prague)
  • Society for Strategic Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Prague)



Since 1990 Inventa has organized in co-operation with the Society for Strategic Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, other local institutions and leading world management professional organizations, institutes, universities, business schools, corporations and consulting firms (i.e. Lufthansa, Eastman Kodak, SmithKline Beecham, ICL, Sulzer, IDEO, Philips Research,  NIVE – Dutch Management Association, McKinsey, AD Little, KPMG, Deloitte Touche, MAS – Management Advisory Services, RKW – Rationalisierungskuratorium der deutschen Industrie, Center for Creative Leadership, Management Centre Europe):

  • 2 major European congresses in Prague
  • 15 international conferences in the Czech Republic
  • Participation in 15 international conferences and congresses in Europe and Japan
  • Over 50 seminars with world leading experts and personalities (e.g. T. Peters, P. Bonfield, C. Hahn, I. Ansoff, L. Fahey, P. Kotler, D. Clutterbuck, P. Benton, T. Nagle, R. Harmer, B. Taylor, P. Judge, M. Hunter, E. Stacke, J. Parikh)
  • Over 20 training courses
  • Executive Leadership – Developing Executive Leadership for the 21st Century (in co-operation with Center for Creative Leadership)
  • Videoconferences and webcasts with leading authorities, such as J. Welch, P. Kotler, J. Kotter, G. Hamel, CK Prahalad, R. Charan, M. Goldsmith, S. Covey, H. Mintzberg, E. Reilly, A. Mulally, J. Caslione
  • These programmes are sources of knowledge adding to develop the know-how and capability potential of Inventa

International study trips

Since 1997 Inventa, in co-operation with other organizations and institutions, has offered the opportunity for getting direct experience with best practice international management of leading world companies and institutions.
The field trips explored the following hubs of innovation bussines : Silicon Valley, Israel, Ireland, Sweden – Greater Stockholm Area, Florida, Massachussetts, Hong Kong, Shanghai.



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