Inventa´s Mission

Enhance leadership, move to worldclass management.

Inventa strives to be your partner in your never-ending quest for excellence.

Our state-of-the-art management know-how is based on 21 years of experience and projects implemented jointly with leading global management consulting firms, executive development institutions and professional organizations. It has been continuously tested and completed thanks to innovative projects carried out on behalf of leading international and Czech corporations.

Manage and sustain change.

We are dedicated to constantly innovate and change.

Our trainer-consultants apply their creativity and inventiveness while assisting your management teams in the analysis of the challenges and opportunities present in the emerging business trends, and in the device of appropriate strategic solutions. Our experience in transformation and change management projects will be of valuable support to you while building-up your core competencies of the future.


Master management know-how.

We offer our customers an effective control over the transfer of tailored management know-how.

Our process consulting approach, a close collaboration during the preparatory phase of the training programs, and the consistent project approach as expressed in our joint project framework, ensure you a disciplined implementation and measurable results of our work. The Inventa Strategic ToolBox ® offers well tested and easy-to-apply concepts, tools and solutions for strategic as well as operational challenges.


Wake the sleeping talent.

We help you turn your people into the building stones of your corporate growth.

Our action-oriented programs are thought provoking and enhance your managers‘creativity, problem solving and teamwork skills. We believe these personal skills to be fundamental to guarantee the effectiveness of any transformation process. Our customers value the energy and spirit of change living in their organization as a result of our training programs and support consultancy services.


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