Emphasis on long-term business efficiency and competitive advantage – strategy, change management, and transformation of company culture, as a framework for all development projects

Strategic analysis and needs analysis
as base for development projects

Process-based consultancy
innovation and problem-solving support based on the use, enhancement and deployment of the client´s know-how potential

Project approach
measurable goals and milestones that can be controlled by the clients, management of the consultancy projects by the client

Strategic framework, balanced /strategic scorecard
result-oriented measurable systemic change management

Transfer of Inventa´s know-how, i.e. concepts, models, methods and tools, and support in their proactive implementation

Comprehensive support to change programs or processes:             
a combination of consultancy and executive development projects

Diagnostics, audits, analyses, assessment & development centres
for various areas of management, regulations, human potential and company culture

Facilitation of creative strategic and company transformation teamwork

Coaching and mentoring - personal support of senior executives / top management and executive teams



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